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About Our Jewelry

The jewelry products displayed are available in a number of alternatives, depending on the specific product.

Precious Metals

  • FK: 14 Karat Yellow Gold

  • WK: 14 Karat White Gold

  • VM: Vermeil: Two precious metals – solid sterling silver with a 14 karat yellow gold plating

  • GF: Gold Filled: A layer of gold bonded on to a base metal with gold comprising at least 1/20th the total weight.

  • SS: Solid Sterling Silver

  • GP: Gold Plated: Base metal with a 14 karat gold plating

Precious Stones

Cubic Zirconia (cz) clear stones populate many jewelry pieces. Selected pieces are also available with: green, blue, blue spinel, red, garnet, amethyst, aquamarine, emerald, alexandrite, ruby, peridot, blue sapphire, rose, and golden cz’s

Ring Sizes

Rings are sized 4 through 11. Selected rings are also available in half sizes.

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